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  • Reading - Both Phyllis and Cris are avid readers, but Phyllis wins the prize, reading several books a week.
  • Cardmaking - Cardmaking is making greeting cards of all kinds using different materials, conventional and unconventional. Phyllis uses rubber stamps and different color inks to place all kinds of designs on her cards and uses a Cricut machine to cut out different shapes for accents.
  • Jewelry Making - Phyllis uses specialized tools and materials to make beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Our granddaughter shares this love, and when Sara comes for a visit, working together on a jewelry project is a very special treat for both.
  • Genealogy - For many years, Phyllis has enjoyed researching and documenting our genealogy. She uses all sorts of tools but primarily employs the resources on to do her research. She uses a computer program called Legacy to document the results of her research.
  • Puzzling - Don't give Phyllis a puzzle with less than 1,000 pieces... anything that simple won't take her long to work. She is more challenged by 1,500-piece puzzles and loves to spend hours organizing, categorizing and then placing all those little pieces.
  • Fishing - Cris loves to fly fish, wading the streams and rivers of our great state as well as rowing his pontoon boat around the lakes and reservoirs. He fishes primarily for trout, including rainbow, brown and brook. To support his habit (and to give him something to do during the long winters) he ties flies.
  • Model Railroading - Cris is a "railfan" (which is a polite way of saying "train nut"). He wants the real thing, his own locomotive with a few thousand miles of track to run it on, but since he can't have that, he has a modest HO-scale model railroad, an early-diesel era Southern Pacific setting. His locomotives all feature sound and lighting effects to lend realism to their operation, and the whole layout including locomotives and turnouts ("switches") are controlled digitally using DCC ("digital command and control").
  • ATVing - Both Cris and Phyllis enjoy exploring the Colorado back country on their big two-seat ATV. There are things that you can only experience by either hiking or ATVing sights, smells and sensations.
  • Snowmobiling - Cris, daughter Amanda and her husband Jordon love to snowmobile in the winter, riding the trails and meadows in the mountains of Grand County. We haven't quite convinced Phyllis to try it yet but we're working on her!
  • Ham Radio - Cris (W5WCA) and Phyllis (N5YXB)are both amateur ("ham") radio operators, as is daughter Amanda (KD0CIC) and her husband Jordon (KD0SSK), and we use ham radio to stay in touch as we're out and about. We find it particularly useful for communication while we're out riding ATVs and snowmobiles. Cris has HF ("high frequency") stations at home and at our mountain cabin, and he uses them to talk to other hams all around the world. If you're also a ham, look for Cris on 7166 kHz on Saturday mornings 7:30-9:00 Mountain Time.
  • Flying - Cris is a private pilot, having earned his license in 1982. He enjoys getting up in the air every chance he gets, and daughter Amanda loves to fly with him.

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